Our board

“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”  E.B. White

Pamela Driscoll

Pam Driscoll, a long time Concord resident, has worked as an Occupational Therapist, a Massage Therapist, and a Software Engineer. Her volunteer work began when she was still in high school, teaching music to young children at a local rehabilitation hospital. Most recently, she has volunteered with nonprofit organizations in Concord, including several years as a volunteer with Emerson Hospital Hospice.

“As the Founding Director of The Singing Bowl I believe I have one of the best jobs in the world – supporting and celebrating the work of small, grassroots organizations while bringing stories of inspiration and hope to our local community.”

Sue Richardson

Sue Richardson is a gifted coach who works with individuals to help them flourish both personally and professionally.  She has over 20 years of professional experience as a program manager and team leader within a range of organizations and industries, from high-tech to wellness to  education, as well as diverse start ups. Her volunteer work includes being a “big sister” with the Big Sister organization, assisting with event creation and production with Concord Climate Action Network and over ten years of leading programs for Landmark Education, a training and development company.

“I am inspired by the vision of The Singing Bowl—the richness of our events will touch people at a heart and soul level and I believe we are all hungry for that kind of experience.”

Irene Buchine

Irene Buchine is the Director and Founder of Irene Buchine Consulting. She is a marketing specialist, serving the needs of small businesses as they adapt to changing times. Throughout her professional career, Irene has supported non-profit organizations that enhance the lives of children and families through the arts and education. She served as an advisor on the Marketing Committee for the Old Colony YMCA, and was an active volunteer and speaker for the Metro South Chamber of Commerce and the Woman’s Business Network of Metro South. Irene also co-founded Art Interactive in Cambridge MA, and has been instrumental in launching the GI Ginger Betty Foundation of Quincy, MA.

“I’m honored to be a founding member of The Singing Bowl, and I look forward to utilizing my expertise as a marketing professional to help The Singing Bowl realize its mission.”

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans has worked in the human resources arena her entire professional life, in consulting, manufacturing, high technology and, most recently, higher education.  A resident of Lexington, MA, Charlotte began her volunteer activities in college at the local federal prison in Washington state.  After moving to Massachusetts, she was a long-time member of her town’s personnel advisory board, a hospice volunteer and a founding board member of Trinity Hospice, a Boston-based urban hospice developed to serve the underserved.

“The Singing Bowl has captured my interest and support from two perspectives—providing support to small nonprofits that can make a big difference and offering a venue for the arts.”

John Swallow

Dr. John Swallow is co-founder and president of Pine & Swallow Environmental where he shepherds this environmental consulting company to discover ways of serving the earth and her peoples.  Always attracted to the cycles of the natural world, John looks for ways to utilize sustainable solutions for some of the vexing challenges of our time: environmental justice, pure drinking water, healthy soils, and human health risk reduction.

John’s volunteer work started in graduate school tutoring remedial students.  He has served as a crisis hotline counselor and later as volunteer director of the Nature Center, part of Summerthing, Boston’s inner city neighborhood educational program.

“The mission of The Singing Bowl resonates with my sense of right livelihood and I am thrilled to contribute to this work.”

Caroline Ready

Caroline Ready, a long time resident of the Village of Still River has raised five children. From early childhood, Caroline was drawn to helping those around her who were in need of help and companionship.  She majored in Ethics and Religion in college, and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  Caroline was part of a team at Nashoba Hospital that supported new mothers, and was active in her church’s Caring Committee reaching out to fellow parishioners with special needs.  Most recently she was a hospice volunteer for 10 years at Emerson hospital, where she learned that the values that emerge at a time of loss teach us how important each individual is.

“The Singing Bowl brings a bright light into my life as we pursue helping small non-profit groups accomplish their mission and achieve their goals, while also encouraging volunteerism.”

Photos of our board members courtesy of Deborah Bain at Natural Light Portraits.